Chardonnay - Light bodied, not oaked, white wine has a slight lemon finish

Daisy Delight* - Our unique  blend, light & crisp flavor, faint green apple taste

Pinot Gris - Tastes dry, but tricks your tongue to thinking sweet with many fruit tone

Sauvignon Blanc - Blond, crisp melon and apple flavors

White Merlot - Our driest white wine with a cherry aroma


Gewurztraminer - Aromatic German grape with floral notes


Aurore (NEW)- Delightfully fruity semi-sweet wine with a light citrus finish 

Catawba - The flavor of fresh picked white grapes, with a finishing taste of grapefruit

Cayuga - Very smooth, with fruity character and a floral bouquet

Riesling - Crisp citrus aroma, with rich apricot flavor. Perfect balance of acidity & sweetness

Vidal Blanc - White grape scent, slightly acidic with citrus flavor that lingers to invite for more


Bad Axe Passion* - Passion fruit and mango flavors

Caseville Paradise - White muscat wine blnded with mandarin orange flavor

Dizzy Blonde - Green apple Riesling, will remind you of a green jolly rancher

Dizzy Diva - Sweet Chardonnay, blended with powerful peach flavors 

Moscato - Very flavorful, sweet white wine

Muscat - Made with 100% Muscat grapes, comparable to Moscato

Niagara - Very aromatic! Tastes like the grapes were just picked off the vine

Oopsie Daisy - Late harvest-like wine, light & refreshing with slight citrus tones

Polka Party - Full bodied blend of white wines, sweet and very flavorful

Riesling - Light vanilla scent, buttery rich flavor of fennel & fruit with a long finish 

* Award Winning Wines

White Wines

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