Dizzy Daisy Winery

1288 Crown Rd. Bad Axe, MI 48413


Barnyard Red - Delicious  fruit forward dry red and a very berry aroma.  Jammy blackberry finish

Cab/Sauvignon - Robust oaked medium bodied win packs a punch with 16% alcohol

Chambourcin - Light to medium body with berry flavor 

Chancellor - Undertones of black plum and softly lingers fruit flavors on the palate

​DeChaunac- Spicey , tart, medium bodied with a long finish

Lemberger - Rich, tart fruit, subtle spice and balanced tannin

Marechal Foch - Medium-full bodied with black fruits, lightly oaked with raspberry undertones 

Merlot-medium bodied, balanced  hint of oak, with rich flavors and aromas of currant 14% ABV

Red Zinfandel - Robust, red berry fruit tones

Syrah-Dark jammy aroma, hint of oak, and wild huckleberry 15.5% ABV


​Cabernet Sauvignon-Light bodied, tart cherry flavor,  conjures up memories of tart jolly rancher 16% ABV

Concord - Tastes just like grape juice when you were a kid, but not as sweet on the tongue 


Rosette - Strong floral notes both on the nose and on the tongue

Filion's Favorite-A delicious blend of our grapes.  A touch of black raspberry


Concord - Grape juice for adults!

Double Dare - Aromas of blackberry and plum, oaked, sweet red wine presents fruity character

Filions Favorite - Deliciously sweet, with rich black raspberry overtones

Five Lakes Red - Just the right blend of cherry and light red wine

Marechal Foch - Dark, red wine, with oak and red berry notes

Rosettte - Handcrafted, sweet rose style light red wine

Red Wines